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Bookings - How to book.

Please check the availability of the apartment and date you would like by doing the following:

1. Click the Apartments / Availability tab
2. Find the Apartment you would like via the dropdown menu and check the availability of the apartment you would like.
3. Use the contact form, message, or call Jon & Julia to request a booking via the “contacts”


We encourage customers to contact us regarding availability of Short Breaks

Minimum stay three nights, commencing on a Saturday from 1st January – 30th June and then again from 15th September – 31st December.(This excludes the school holiday weeks)

Please enquire about availability for Short Breaks/Long Weekends for Spring, Autumn and Winter.
Short breaks outside School holidays and in Low season are calculated as follows:

The cost of a Three night break is 70% of the weekly tariff.
The cost of a Four night break is 80% of the weekly tariff.
The cost of a Five night break is 90% of the weekly tariff.

To check our availablity and to book please either visit the check and book page or click below.

Online Booking

On the internet a reputation takes a lot of time and effort to build - and quite right it should too. We've worked hard to gain the trust and respect of our visitors and the fast way to lose it would be to disrespect their privacy.

So when you offer us your email address or any other personal details you can be absolutely certain that they will NEVER, ever be passed on to a third party. They will inly ever be used, by us, to send you information that you've requested.

We use the highest level of security and ecryotion methods available for processing payments online. That means your payment details are as secure as they possibly can be when you make a purchase from us.

We also stricly adhere to best practices of data protection and PCI compliance. In plain English. Your details as secure as they possibly can be when you make a purchase from us.

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